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After Birgitte Rosenkrantz († 09.09.1588)

Epicedium lectissimæ matronæ dominæ Birgittæ Rosenkrantz uxori generosi domini Stenonis Brahe, quæ placide obdormivit Septembris Nono anni 1588, positum

Stenonis illa Brahe coniunx Birgitta, corollis
      Inclyta quæ roseis nomina gentis habet.
In terris annos tres et sex lustra peregit,
      Syncera soli dedita mente Deo.
Postquam Deum fuit una suo Birgitta marito
      Spes, desiderium, gloria, vita, salus.
Ergo ipsum quamvis septena prole bearit,
      Attamen hoc visum perbreve tempus erat.
Tandem parturiensm, febri correpta, gemellos
      Dum parit, hicn abiens, huic dedict ossa solo.

                                              A Iona Iacobo

Funeral verses composed for the joyful mistress, Mrs. Birgitta Rosenkrantz, the wellborn Mr. Sten Brahe's wife, who slept away placidly on the 9th of September in the year 1588

Here is Birgitta, Sten Brahe's wife, whose family name is famous for the cercle of roses. She spent 33 years on earth, all sincerely devoted to the only God. After God, Birgitta's husband has not got anything left but the hope, the memory, the glory, the life, and the salvation. Although she gave him seven children, her time may seem very short. At the end, she was vanquished by the fever while she was bearing twins. One of them died, she only gave her bones to the other one. By Jon Jakobsen.

Nielssøn's edition (1589, p. Z2r-v)

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