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Venusinus's note in Christian Poulsen Noviomagus's album amicorum, 13.06.1592

Nullus servus sapiens nec tyrannus quisquam, cui tuto fidas.

Virtute et doctrina præclaro iuveni Christiano Paulino, amico suo domestico in Germaniam studiorum causa abeunti, fausta omnia a Deo precatus, sua manu scripsit Ionas Iacobus, minister Verbi Hafniæ, Idibus Iunii anno MDXIIC.

Αυτος 'oρα non Αυτος έφα.

No wise servant and nor some tyrant that you safely trust.

Praying God for good luck, Jon Jakobsen, servant of the Word in Copenhagen, wrote this with his own hand on the 13th of June 1592 to his friend and guest, the virtuous and learned young man Christian Poulsen who was going to Germany for studies.

"Make your own observations!" not "He said it himself" [dogmatic argument used by the Pythagorians].

Christian Poulsen Noviomagus was the son of the court preecher Poul Noviomagus from Nijmegen. He grew up in Denmark and obtained an important scholarship for foreign studies in November 1588 after a personal recommendation from Queen Sophia who had then been widow for eight months. Christian Poulsen Noviomagus spent eight years abroad (1588-1596), interrupted by a short return to Denmark in the Summer 1592. During these years, he collected 265 dedications in this album amicorum. Venusinus also wrote the words "Nullus servus sapiens" in Arngrimur Jónsson's album amicorum on 09.05.1593.

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