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Venusinus's autograph (c. 1590-1600)



Reverendo et clarissimo viro m[agistro] Severino Torndal ecclesiæ Helsingorensis pastori vigilantiss[imo] amico et fratri integer[rimo] Ionas Iacobi dedit

Jon Jakobsen gave [this book] to the verenable and famous magister Søren Torndal, priest of the church in Helsingør, his vigilant and honest friend and brother

Autograph on the frontcover of the Roman edition from 1542 of Arnobius's Disputationes adversus gentes offered by Venusinus to the pastor in Helsingør Søren Torndal. In 1585, this man was appointed as headmaster of the school in Helsingør after having acquired the magister degree somewhere abroad. He may have been one of Venusinus's fellow-students in Rostock or Wittenberg. In 1590, Torndal became priest of the Saint Olai church in Helsingør. He was so fond of this town that he refused a proposal for becoming bishop in Ribe in 1595. He was also dean of the district of Kronborg-Ljunge until his death in Helsingør in 1615. See Danish biography.

Venusinus probably offered the religious book to Torndal while he was a priest himself. The fact that he did not sign with Venusinus suggests that the gift was made before 1595.

Original in Copenhagen (Det Kongelige Bibliotek, 171,251)

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