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Venusinus's autograph in William Bedwell's album amicorum (09.08.1606)


Nullus servus sapiens neque tyrannus quisquam, cui tuto fidas

Summa virtute doctrina, orientaliumque linguarum cognitione præstantissimo viro d[omino] Guilelmo Bedvello, ad Divæ Ethelburgæ pastori vigilantissimo, amico intimo et suavissimo Ionas Iacobus Venusinus Londini Cantuariorum scripsit

No wise servant and nor some tyrant that you safely trust

Jonas Jacobsen Venusinus wrote [this] in London of the Kentish men to Mr. William Bedwell, a man renown for his great respect for virtue and his knowledge of the oriental languages, the most careful priest of Saint Ethelburga's [Church], his close and very charming friend

William Bedwell (c. 1561-1632) was Rector of St Ethelburga, Bishopsgate from 1601 till his death. Besides being a learned Orientalist, he was an excellent mathematician.

Original in Leiden (Universiteitsbiblioteek, Ms. BPL 2753, 69v).

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